Anyone Killed a 2009 KHU rim yet?

I don’t go on the forums much, so I hope this topic hasn’t already been discussed.

I just got one in the mail today, and I was wondering if anyone has done one in, and if so, how?

I’ve been riding the same AlexDx32 for almost 5 years now. I’m not Joe Hodges, but I’d say I’m a fairly good trials rider. I don’t even true that rim, but it’s held up, despite a few dented spokes. It’s time I rode something wider.

I practice good technique, don’t see myself as an abusive rider, but I have never ridden a drilled rim before.


All it takes, for any wheel, is one bad, off-center landing. Not ever truing the wheel will speed up the process. :slight_smile:

It got trued about 3 years ago. I rotate the cranks around their spines, so the wheel has some even wear. It is a little out of true, and the spokes creak from time to time. I’m surprised it has held up so good. I do occasionally land off-center, but I’m a pretty controlled rider.

I am going to have to learn how to true a wheel, because LBS’s tend to be pretty ignorant about unicycles. They’re good people, but I’ve had to educate mine. Besides, I’m going to have to take better care of my first drilled rim.