Anyone keen for SS Worlds?

It’s a wee bit far for me to travel, and too long after UNICON for me to extend my leave, but if you’re in Europe check out the Singlespeed Worlds:
SS World Champs

I think it would be really cool to have some Single-wheeled Singlespeeders there!


Intersted, definatly. Just got to see what work I’d miss out on and weigh it up.

Hey Sarah,

If you do go don’t forget to post how it all went!

Good luck,


p/s Did anyone go to last years SS Worlds? I think it was in Australia somewhere.

As it looking like i’d miss 3-5 days work that will pay and not nbe avalible at any other time of year… I think I may not be going to the SSWCV afterall. Shame, but I got offered the work yesterday afternoon, and can’t really afford to turn it down.

Just noted on the new website that there is a Mojoe from the US SS team (Click, on the "Who"section). That’s not Mojoe from this forum is it? If so are you doing it on one wheel???


p/s I’ve decided that I am definitely going to the next one, where-ever it is held. About time we had some Unicycle representation if not at this years (?Mojoe)

Sorry to disapoint… but it’s not me. I think the other Mojo is from Minneapolis, but I’ve never met him. I do recognise a bunch of the other riders on the list.