Anyone is using carry bag for his Uni?

Hi All,

I am planning to make a carry bag for my Uni (one that allows carrying it up to a bus or train) and I’d appreciate very much if you could share your carry bags design/ photos of those of you who use such.


I imagine a bag made for carrying a folding bike would work.

The two I have are very large and easy to use: they’d definitelly work for a 26" if you take out the seat or are willing for it to stick out. I’m not sure about bigger wheels.

This one will fit some 26" folding bikes which are much more bulky than a 26" uni, so I imagine it would fit a larger uni as well:

If they sold these locally I’d probably buy one:

Unicycle Bag black at

I came across it after following a link at the bottom of a Unicycle tricks video on the video forum here :wink:

Taking the pedals off is a nuisance for short trips, but for travelling by public transport it’s not a problem I expect since the Uni will be stored for longer.

Simple is best

Here is the Adventure Unicyclists guide:

The bags I use are a bit heavy, but they have been all around the world several times, so they’re quite durable.

Either way, I think simple designs are best- but you can pick the material to suit your needs.

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I had this bag made from heavy duty PVC… it clips to rucksack so its easy to carry about… I have flown with it many times :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your comments!

It think the PVC designs are excellent for storage during trips abroad, etc.
I guess I’ll have to go with one of the designs but with light material - maybe even parachute nylon.

The blue square bag looks very minimal and nice - I guess that I can use it with velcro strips - leaving the saddle and post out or maybe cover it with another short sleeve with velcro attachment to the square bag.

I like the pvc bag , I am going to start on mine soon

The material is extremely durable (a little heavy), but has good water resistance as well (not counting the seams).

But the main reason I have them on my bags is because I like to do things with as little effort as possible. I went to the local canvas/boat/truck workshop and that is the material they use to cover boats and various things with. All I had to do was ask for a square thing with a zip on top and a handle, and I gave them my unicycle to measure up the size.

Cheap and easy.

I also had a bag made from the article on adventureuni site. I have backpack straps on mine which is great when you are at a train station or airport and have other things to cary. The rectangular shape is good too for putting gear/tools in. I end up with it hanging on my shoulder under my arm as well so I would recomend making the top handle big enough for this. I think it only cost $50+ to have made in the U.S.

Last year I’ve made bag for my 26’ and it’s good for travelling by trains. It is customized for 26" and looks like bag for big guitar :slight_smile:

I have got plans to travel by plane with both 26" and 24" soon. Yesterday I bought Grivel Duffle 130 liters Bag ( it looks like can hold two of them. I will try fit them in two weeks. Below are some photos of the bag with 26" inside, still some room remaining. I’m sure, it could take 26" plus sleeping bag plus some shirts and gear inside. And it doesn’t look strange.

For my 20" I’m using an uni bag from O’some:
It is useful. The only thing is that you have to remove the pedals to fit uni in. Which has pros and cons as usual :wink:

And for Unicon I bought a bag for a big folding bike (I guess 26") and it accomodated my 29" and all my stuff for two weeks. But it was very large and hard to handle, so walking distances with that was a real pain:

I just bought the unicycle travel bag from UDC and flew with it- my 29" Oracle fit nicely with the seatpost removed (I also took off the pedals but not sure I had to. Wasn’t cheap but worked well and there was room to put my helmet and hydration gear in there. Not sure I would use it on a bus for daily travel, but great for a flight and I wasn’t charged the bike fee that airlines like to charge.

Just found this searching around for unicycle bags on google:

Just got my new 36" custom made uni bag

Hi All,

Just wanted to share with you the pictures of my 36" uni bag.
It turned out a bit larger that may needed but on the other hand it allows enough space for additional equipment e.g. helmet, shin guards, etc. as well.

The main reason for this bag is simply to be allowed to carry it with me to a shuttle or bus (according to the law in my country even folding bikes must be inside a bag when loading it onto a bus).

I will put it to the test soon…


I figured out the best way for my trials, in a garbage bag lol

Nice unibag you’ve got!
Good luck with your shuttle plan… :slight_smile:

Have fun,

Thanks :slight_smile:

You are not going to believe that, but for my 20" Uni I took a large nylon garbage bag in order to wrap it as a carry bag in the shuttle - and it worked :slight_smile:

But it was a one time journey with my 20" - for the 36" I will need a daily fixed solution.

I just got a “giant” military bag I ordered long time ago:

I took off pedals and it ate my 26er up to the saddle, so it seems that just pedals and saddle needs to be removed to fit whole uni in this bag. Unfortunately it is very tight with road tire (26x2.1) so with bigger tire I would need to deflate it. Still not that much work for bigger travel and it costed 5$ with shipping.

@vookash, now your 26er has Uniform… :wink: