anyone interested in this

just thought i’d pass it along.

not paticulary.

I guess you speak for all of us …?
(IMO that’s a rude response also)

If thats the original tire, it will need replacement after some use.
(you wont find a white wall)
If that tire is actually holding pressure with no cracks, you should spend some time and use an SOS pad on the whitewall.
(it will make it whiter)

Anyway , you should clean the dust off.
(the chrome will have a nice shine … mine does)

I’m curious as to what is hanging in the middle of the hub…?
(maybe a mileage meter …?)

I also think, it could be good for parts.
(cotter pins appear to be good, but can never tell from a photo)
That chrome plated steel rim is also double layered for strength.

I know that seat post is desirable.

opps , I just realized thats a 20" tire …

There ARE whitewalls available for the 20".

Yes, but they might not be any newer than the on on there. Those tires were last produced around 1980 or earlier (the whitewalls). $100 is a little steep for a cottered Schwinn. If there were more collectors out there, then the value of old unicycles would go up!

Also a better subect line would say something about a 20" Schwinn for sale.

THAT IS THE COOLEST!!! if i had a ton of xtra $, i’d so buy it!! (i need to get a job) : (

True white whitewalls are being made. My 20" ‘Bogglefinger’ made in Tawian uni came with one & that was bought new in June.
If anyone wants to know the manufacturer I’ll take a look later.

I picked up this one

for under $100 Delivered. There is usually a couple of 'em on EBAY

They have to fit a 20" S-7 type rim …

That’s why they are hard to find.

might want it but but proly not

on the topic of whitewalls (and off the topic from the original post)

  • I just saw a 20" maxis hookwork with a whitewall - a cool look on a cool tyre. The older ones had an orange wall.