Anyone interested in making a website?

anybody interested in making a street / trials unicycling website, with tutorials videos and resources as well as a forum for members to comunicate with other rides alike?

i myself am pretty good at designing websites but not to good and making them happen, and also ive only have a uni for 2 weeks so my skills are limited to riding backwards, trackstanding and hopping around so the knowledge would be helpfull too … whos in? email me or add em on msn

Im pretty sure weve got one…Its Here. Yeah. Thats the one.

do u not think one more direct and specialised though would be easyier? one with just a certain subject ???

You can ride backwards but not forwards?
That’s interesting.
Anyway, we don’t need another forum, we have a perfectly wonderful one right here. And the site for tutorial videos is this one.

It is easier to just have everything here, as a separate site for that would likely divide the community, or just not get many members.

I like this site, but I would suggest splitting the forums up more. Rec.Sport.Unicyclist. is almost like a chat room, theres so many people on it. They could at leats split it up into Trials, MUni, Street/Freestyle, BC, ect. Although, it is kind of nice having your posts replied to almost immeadeatly.

dont eff with the system its good the way it is

QFT is good for forums and UnicycleTips is good for tutorials. I think that UnicycleTips could be a bit better, but it does the job. What would be useful is a site for unicycling videos only with ways of indexing them by riding catagory and stuff. But that is costly, cause you need a lot of host space and bandwidth.

I really like that idea

haha, good one…