Anyone interested in doing a laid back trail race, April 14th?

I did this event last year, it is an eight hour endurance race, features some great single track, no asphalt or riding with cars, minimal climbing, bikers are super friendly, and because the attendance is low, there are minimal passing issues on the trails.

For the price of admission you get a shirt, beer, nutritional supplements, and pizza; mmmmm, pizza :smiley:

Andrew rode with me last year, we both did two laps in six hours without working too hard, this year I might try for three laps :astonished:

The race site is Panther Creek State Park, a lovely little park with camping, lake access, playground, etc…, so a great family destination.

Send me a PM if you’re thinking about attending.

If you’re worried about it being a “race”, don’t be concerned, lots of folks on bikes come out for the fun and only do a lap or just hang out and shoot the breeze with buddies, it’s more of a community event, the social interaction makes it worth doing.

Plus you get to ride with me :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s only a week away!