Anyone interested in buying a 29er?

Hi all, I’m in need of some cash so I’m considering selling my 29er. It has a Sun CR18 rim, 2.0" Big Apple, standard hub, Nimbus X frame, single bolt clamp, anti-twist seat post, KH saddle (with either yellow or black handle/bumper) and pinned pedals (black or yellow). I have a choice of 114, 102 and maybe 125mm cranks. This uni is in great condition, no damage, scratches and hasn’t been used a lot and is generally in great condition.

I was thinking about £110-£120?

Would any of you guys be interested? I’ll see how much shipping (in the UK!) is, and if it’s not too bad, I’ll shout for it.

I also have a 20" Nimbus II 2003 frame with or without black Bedford flames.
A standard black hub, 36-hole.
A 20" wheel with aluminium rim and Suzue hub- fantastic condition.
A black 25.4 seat post.
A few KH handles, bumpers and front bumpers (black and yellow depending on the sale of the 29er)
A few pairs of VP/Well Go pedals, mainly black.
A pair of DMR V8s in yellow.
A brand new aluminium quick release clamp.
A blue 20" Kenda tyre.
A blue Velo seat.
A black KH seat.
Qu-Ax 125 ally cranks in silver.
Also a good condition 20" Snafu Knob Job tyre.

Maybe a KH CF based saddle with leather cover.

If any body is interested in any of the above, PM me or email me at wai_lak at hotmail dot com. As with the unicycle, I’ll try to cover P&P costs assuming they’re not extortionate and in the UK.

how much for the cf saddle?

£40 inc. P&P? Not 100% sure I’m selling it yet- depends on the 29er going!

A 29er is on my shopping list. I might be interested.


What do you mean by a ‘standard hub’?

Can you post a picture?


I sent you an email about the saddles :slight_smile:

A pic of the 29er or the hub?? The single hub and the hub on the 29er are 36-hole hubs for cotterless cranks- the type that are found in your average unicyle. The seperate hub is black, not painted by me, but came like that so it’s not a crappy job :slight_smile: Both come with bearings and nuts.

Will check my email presently! :slight_smile:

Seriously o.w.s u did a great job on the frame!Don’t worry about the cf i can’t afford it but it’s a grrrrreat deal!


Hi ows,
i would definitely be interested in buying the 29er
i live in london so p&p shouldnt be too bad

I am willing to sell the 29er with a KH CF based air seat with bumper and GB4 handles with grips for £65 extra, as the seat is hardly used, very new and the handles aren’t readily available in the UK. It makes a great addition to the 29er and a very very comfortable ride, whether long or short distance.