Anyone interested in an Ottawa Muni Weekend?

Hey everyone,

After talking and riding with a lot of people at OUI, I’ve realized that I have the resources to run a MUni weekend in the Gatineau park. The Gatineau park is home to a bunch of cross country trails which range from fire roads to very technical. There is also a chair available for downhill which we may be able to use. I’ve confirmed the use of a small lodge at Camp Fortune, which right in the park and very close to lots of technical trails. While it isn’t completely confirmed, it looks like we can provide free accommodation and camp sites.

I’m considering late August for the date. Please reply if you’re interested.

Interested, but check your Pm’s.

Hah Eric I think you must have been asleep at OUI because I mentioned that I’m planning on doing a muni weekend at my cottage when I get back (late august). I’m in thailand right now thoughso send me an email if you want to discuss it.

Nathan, you should change your location every now and then

Location: Thailand. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hells yeah! That’d be awesome!

Sounds great for me. Whether it be Eric or Nathan’s venue it doesn’t matter to me.

What? A MUni ride in Quebec?

It is really interesting, and I’ll see with the Montreal guys if we could find a way to get there…

The sooner you decide the dates, the better!

This is going to be awsome!

It will be nice to go on a Muni Ride together, without racing. During a race everyone gets all split up and push so hard that it looses some of it’s appeal.

That sounds fun. Seeing I am getting my MUNI in like 2 weeks :slight_smile:

Too bad it’s not closer. Still I would possible consider it.



Hey, anyone interested in riding with a newbie in Ottawa?? Looking for hints on style/trails…

Pm’ed you DoubleStacked :slight_smile: