Anyone interested in a 28" racing uni?

I posted this in the buy sell already, but i don’t think many people read those threads. So let me know if you are the least interested in one, I will upload pics and stats. BTW it is BRAND NEW.

How Much?

It is this one with the KH fusion air saddle in black 150mm cranks.
It is literally brand new. My wife got in for my B-day, and it isn’t exactly my cup of tea(I like street and freestyle).
I rode it once.
I think $300 is very fair.

no thanks

Without explaining the justification, I’m not sure you’ll get too many takers at a price that’s higher than currently listed for the brand new one you link to at

add a fusion air seat. you will see that 266 + 40 = 306.
also if you get it from me you don’t have to wait weeks and weeks for it.

i dont belive you, why would your wife just buy you that?

how many wives surf into UDC far enough to see and buy a nitche unicycle like that without husbandly hints?

there were hints, poorly directed.

That is remarkably similar to the Bacon Slicer, but with massive cranks.

The whole point of a lightweight 700c is to scoot about with elegant precision, not plod along like a beached paddle steamer.

Don’t endanger your conjugals with such a vulgar display of ingratitude. Put some 110s or 114s on it, get some decent pedals and go out and explore.

You can have ahell of a lot of fun on that machine if only you use it for what it’s designed for.