Anyone in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine...

Area willing to help me ride unassisted? Granted, I’ve been a bit lazy with my practice time, but was wondering if anyone would like to help me along?

I’m in Panama city which is like 240 miles away.:frowning: So sorry hope you find some body nearby. I might end up in college over their in a few years though.

Awwww thanks. Yeah, you’re over on the panhandle. You wanna go to Flagler College?

No, UNF. Never heard of Flagler College might be worth checking out.

Flagler College is in St. Augustine and I believe it’s a 4 year school.



For what it’s worth I’m in the midst of a move to the Kennedy Space Center area sometime this year. I know it’s a ways from Jacksonville, but at least it’s Florida! :o

Anyone in the actual JACKSONVILLE/ ST AUGUSTINE AREA? Not other parts of Florida?

I live in the Palatka area but unfortunately I am still saving up for my first unicycle hehe, and I don’t get a car for 4 months. :frowning:

Check out the Jax Jugglers. There’s a unicycle or two in their photos section. It is very likely someone there can help you.

Good luck, stick with it, and enjoy!

Thank you!