Anyone in or going to Guam?

From Early February to late April I will be in Guam. I figured that since it has 175,000 poeple there might be some unicyclist(s) there or going there in that time. I’m going to try to bring a 36" and a 20" but I might just stick to the 20. Will anyone be there? I’ll probably be riding every day while I’m there.

Why are you going there?

My dad’s an ironworker and he’s shipping some container cranes over. He’ll be staying for a couple months and the company offered to send the whole family for free. Our family hasn’t gone on vacation in many years, so it’s a pretty good opportunity. And I hear it’s an awesome island (my best friend lived there for 10 years). I’ll be keeping up with school using online courses. I’m also going to try to get sent back early so I can go to Moab.