anyone in ontario selling a coker?

anyone in ontario selling a coker?


Nope. There aren’t many Cokers in Ontario that I know of. You can order one through a couple of spots though. is where I got mine. Ask for Roger, and he’ll be able to help. Otherwise you’ll probably be going with a US provider, so be prepared for the added shipping and customs costs.

On the plus side our dollar is nice and strong so its a good time to get one.

Good luck on your search.

one isnt enough anymore?:slight_smile:

Thanks H_H, but I’m pretty sure Darren stocks new ones, and I would get it from him for sure, it’s for my brother, he would rather fish for a used one (…for now!..)

…hmmm that almost sounds like it would supplement the purchase of a super coker or something…

I wonder if I’m related. My last name is Braun.

Brian why do you need another coker?

Hi Tim, I wonder if you are related to Braun, don’t you have that last name?


Yeah I dont know if I am.

Hmm, am I being suckered in here? I’m not sure…so…I posted that it was for my bro :slight_smile:

Looks like the suckas got suckered. :smiley:

Did you find a coker for him yet?