Anyone in NZ or Australia want to buy a KH20 or KH24?

I’m considering importing a number of KH20 and KH24 unicycles to New Zealand. These are the standard kind, not the ‘Pro’ model. I’d like to hear from any Kiwis or Aussies who are keen to get their hands on one of these fine unicycles. I’m keen on getting a KH20, so I’ll be ordering at least one! Any other takers? Any advance on one…?

Price is not known for certain yet but is expected to be just under NZ$1000 + postage. [Postage within NZ is $25 max, to Australia I don’t know yet.]


It cost me over $1400AUD to get my KH24 in Australia…if you want some info/advice, pm me.

That is good to hear Tony. I have a friend who might be interested. He is planning to get a KH 20" Unicycle. I am not sure how much money he has saved, or if he planned to get the pro Model or not. He made a taco out of his previous 20" and I dont think hes going to rebuild it. He does some impressive side hops and crank climbs and stuff. He has my DVD so hopefully I will hear back from him sometime and I can let him know perhaps.

That’s a sharp deal Tony! Unfortunately I’ve already got one :angry:

What’s happened to your site? I keep getting linked to


I suppose to get a free Muni with my Giraffe Unicycle. I’d be interested but money is a problem at the moment until I’m back on track. PM me one day if you can Tony. Cheers.