anyone in montreal?

there’s a KH20 on kijiji in montreal, QC. does anyone on here recognize it as someone they know? or is anyone interested in doing me a huge favour and checking it out for me, i’ve contacted the seller to see if he would mail it out to me.
this is the ad

This is probably Guillaume’s, he told us on our forums that he was thinking of selling it because he preferred bigger wheels.

Not sure what you want to know though…? I know the guy a bit and have probably seen this unicycle, but that’s about it, sorry. :o Or you will like to have more info on the condition of the ride? If he’s Guillaume, I’m sure you can trust him or ask extra pictures (though it looks in good shape from what I can tell).

Yeh just the overall condition and if the guy is a good guy. If it’s someone you know then it makes it a lot better than dealing with a total stranger.

Hopefully he gets back to me with a price and we can do a deal.

Ok. So it’s definitely his, I checked the Montreal forum from your signature and found his ad. It looks like he’s had it for sale for a long time.

The only stumbling point might be, can he speak English? As my French is practically none existent so the email I sent him from kijiji was in English.