Anyone in Arizona?

Hey all,

I’m visiting Arizona for about a week on vacation. I was unable to take my MUni with me but if anyone wants to ride and has an extra unicycle be sure to drop me a line. I’m a 19 year old college student who is an adequate off roader. I know that kinda sounded like a singles add but…

I’m a little east of Phoenix and there’s plenty of good trails to ride around here.


Contact Keith Williamson of the Arizuni unicycle club. They’re in Tempe or Scottsdale, I think.

His site is located here.

From their “events” page it looks like you MIGHT be able to make their January 8 2005 get together. Otherwise, e-mail him and see what’s up. His e-mail is on the site. I hope his club is still active.

I know he has a Steve Howard MUni and when I was visiting friends he loaned me a unicycle for my stay. I also got in on one of his club meetings.

I believe Keith is still holding club meetings. I’ve only made it out to one, sadly, but only because it’s far enough away to cause transportation and schedule problems for me. The makeup may have changed some since the fall, but most of the people we met were more interested in street and freestyle/trick riding than trail riding.

I ride with a group of four other guys twice a week or so on South Mountain. A few are off visiting families for the holidays, but there’s still three of us left; we actually did a ride earlier today. Send me a PM or just reply here with your schedule, I’ll try to figure out when our next ride will be (probably sometime this weekend).