Anyone home at Coker tire?

Hi all. I sent my Coker Big One back to the company for a quality control issue. The hub, it seems, is not equally tapered on both sides. The left crank will not sit snug on the axel like the right side. It doesn’t come loose when riding, but it’s off center enough to create an “off” feeling when riding. I refuse to bang it with a hammer. I shouldn’t have to. I called them, emailed them, and after multiple attempts got ahold of a guy that does the unicycles. They seemed disorganized. They took almost 2 weeks to mail me a sticker to fedex the wheel back to them. I tracked the shipment and saw it was signed for at Coker. A few business days went by and I still heard nothing from them. I emailed them yet again and they said they haven’t received it, or it’s in the wrong place. A couple more days went by and still no word. I don’t mind waiting, but sure don’t like not being in the loop.

I think once this gets resolved in one way or another, I am done with Coker. It seems they are comfortable with poor quality parts, and bad customer service.

Anyone recently have any issues with them, or experience with refunds from Coker? Anyone know someone personally to speak with from Coker? They seem like genuinely nice/reasonable people when you can actually get ahold of them.


Coker returned my Big One with a completely new wheel and all the respective parts. They gave me the XLR time this time. While I’m not impressed with the time it took and poor communication, they did make good.

It’s like a whole different unicycle. Perfectly centered, and the XLR tire is like butter. The turning is almost powered by thought alone! I hardly have to even do anything–it rides itself.

I will continue to do business with Coker for parts, but doubt I’ll be another Unicycle from them. My next one will no doubt be a Kris Holm 36.


Happily you have a working unicycle that seems more than satisfactory now.

I once owned a Coker, and it performed satisfactorily for me, but I never had to deal with the company directly so I can not comment on their level of service. However, based on your experience you would be quite justified in taking your business elsewhere next time.