Anyone here Live in Mountain View, CA?

Hey guys,

I live in the UK, however I was told at work yesterday that I will be in Mountain View for 2 weeks, 16th-29th July, although I am actually “working” for only the 17th and 18th.

Anyone live locally and got any wild rides they fancy showing me?

I have a KH 29" but can take Muni quite well on it :slight_smile:


There are sizable groups in and around Santa Cruz (south of Mountain View) and Berkeley (north). I’m sure we can get some rides together.

Yup. I work right by mountain view at 1 infinite loop, cupertino, ca. We also have spare 24 muni’s to ride if you want one of those. you can join our mailing list temporarily (or permanently).

and/or call me. and/or email me: cd at bluetreesoft dot com.


Ah that sounds pretty neat!!

I’d be up for some really extreme stuff, muni-wise. Hire-ing looks like it may be an idea, save me putting my 29 on a plane!!

Can you pm me your rates? and details??

Many thanks,


Also lookin for cheap accomodation recommednations :)!

Rates? For borrowing a muni for a week? It’s free, of course!

For hotels…I don’t know. I live in Los Gatos; about 30 mins from mountain view.

Note that i don’t check the forums all that frequently…so if you want to get ahold of me, email is the best bet.