anyone here a unicyclist santa barbara?

anyone a unicyclist from close to or in santa barbara?

yes me!!!

go to

Yeah there is alot of santa barbra riders that I had the privelge to meet at cal muni. They are all a great group of guys I would definitley contact them through


In fact we’re doing a big Muni ride near Santa Barbara on Friday this week at 10. Talk to the guys at - hope to see you there.

Here are some photos from previous rides:
Aug 28, 2004
Nov 2003 and Jan 2004


hey nathan…

dont you live in SB???

i live ojai…

anybody from or around there???

No I don’t live in SB - I just like to visit. Ojai is not far - you should come ride with us on Friday.

i would give every thing to go with you guys

but i am going my darn grandmas for thanks giving…

whens ur next ride???

ojai has insane trails. u should ride them sonetime

Like everyone is saying, Santa Barbara has an active group that Munis many times a week and posts times and directions to that day’s ride on their web site. For a Munieer, Santa Barbara is the closest thing to heaven you’ll likely find. I’ve got to put in 180 miles of driving to ride there (from Venice) but I do most every weekend.