Anyone hear from duke (the unicyclist in Iraq) lately???

Haven’t heard from fellow Cokeur, duke (deployed to Iraq), in over two months and with the escalation in fighting, it would be really great to know that he is safe and doing well (and hopefully having opportunities to do some riding).

I, for one, really appreciate duke’s sacrifice and I’m sure many others on the forum feel the same way.

So duke… if you see this post and you have a free minute… post a quick reply to this thread to let us all know you’re ok. Thanks!


Even though I don’t know Duke, I PM’d him with a link to this thread.


last post i read, he was on a Flybar Po-Go stick. hope he is doing well.

Ray is the name in Andrew’s sig :slight_smile:


Also, what about Bombsquad?

HEY Guys!!!

Oooopsssss…sorry about not checking in for two years. I am back safe and with my family. I am currently in school at Fort Leavenworth and should remain here for another three years.

Thanks so much for the kind words and support when I was deployed, it really helped.

I am looking forward to some good weather so I can get out on the Coker again. Any fellow riders in the Kansas City area?



Welcome back. Glad you made it safely.

I guess about half of the population of Leavenworth works in a jail or prison of some kind. I had to drive up from KC to bail one of my friends out of one of them, once. Good times. I had a couple of friends that lived there in the early 70’s but I’ve only been a few times.

Take care. If I make it back to KC to visit family or friends I’ll try to look you up if you’re still there.


The Kansas Singletrack Society ( will have a huge presence at this weekend’s Hills Of Hell mountain bike event at Fort Sill. The main event is Sunday. If you can find military transportation or a KSS ride down to Ft. Sill I have a spare 26" muni you can ride. It’ll be me and two KSS muniists against a few hundred bikers.

Last year it was 17.5 miles and 2400 ft. of verticals. This year they say it’ll be 12 to 15 miles.

Welcome home

I hope the Iraqi’s succeed in their task of fighting off the foreign infidels. If only they had the Nuclear weapons they were accused of having they would stand a better chance against their oppressors.