Anyone have experience with titanium spokes?

I’m in the process of building up a new 24x3 muni (profile/alex/etc). I was considering Ti spokes over stainless. After a bit of research on titanium spokes here’s what I’ve found.

Pros: lighter (4.5 g/cm^3 vs. 7.8 g/cm^3 … over 100 grams/wheel), smoother ride, “Ti-dye” looks waaaaay cool
Cons: expensive, titanium wheels may be more flexible than steel, require an experienced wheelbuilder (higher tension?)

Here are some reviews that I’ve found:

I think I’m sold on Ti spokes for bicycle use, has anyone abused them on a muni?



I haven’t, but I bet you could save even more weight even farther from the hub and a LOT more cheaply by playing around with your choice of inner tube.

Also butted steel spokes are going to save you weight, be just as strong as straight steel, and be a lot cheaper than Ti.

If you are using a brake on your MUni, you may be concerned about wheel flex. Straight steel spokes with high tension will give you the stiffest wheel. This may not be an issue with a 24" wheel, though. On the Coker it matters.

I suspect that the truing advantage (as stated in the second article) is a matter of the wheel build quality and the spoke tension, not the spoke material.

i asked the guys at Ti Cycles about ti spokes last summer an’ they did not recommend it. they feared i would break them. they suggested stickin’ with steel. those ti-dye spokes do look damn spiffy, though…

Yeh, why not just use a 24" x 1.75" tube like me? :slight_smile: I’ve got a couple of 24" x 3" downhil tubes waiting at home but this one hasn’t yet failed and as you could imagine, it’s very light!