Anyone have a video of 29"?

Does anyone have a video of themselves, or anyone else riding a 29" unicycle, I have never seen one in action. I am really indecisive and am still trying to decide whether to get a 24" or a 29", i think the 29" might be more fun since it will be a huge change from my 20".

Re: Anyone have a video of 29"?

There’s not much, but at the end of the video found here Ben PS is doing drops and riding a half-pipe on my 29er.

Excellent timing, I’ve just put up my 29-er vid, got to my movie links page here: -

it’s called ‘urban29’

I’ve got to stress that there’s no tricks on this vid, but it does convey what I actually use it for i.e. long urban rides. It’s also a biggish file (nearly 10 Mb), but the vid quality is good.

if you, or anyone else does download it, please let me know what you think- it’s a unusual type of uni movie and I’d like to know if people would like to see more of the same.

As for choosing beteen a 24 and a 29, I’ve got a 24x3 nimbus muni and a nimbus 29-er (5" cranks). I’ve ridden both for many, many hours, here’s my thoughts: -

24x3- excellent machine, used it for communiting a lot where it has the downside of being slower than a 29, but the plus of being very easy to control- you can relax and just ride with no fear of falling off. Also superb for off roading. Good for riding on the pavement as you can go slow behind pedestrians and feel very safe around them.

Very easy transition to go from a 20" to a 24", but, conversely, less of a variation than if you get a 29" (though a 24" works for commuting a lot better than the smaller 20")

29-er- excellent machine, but, I feel, more specialised than the 24". Takes longer to feel safe on and I think it demands a bit more committment in terms of regular riding. The ride is exceptional, smooth and fast with more of a bike like feel. Works well on the road (but be very, very careful on roads; wait till you can ride well, get a helmet etc).

A very dignified ride (you’re higher up and don’t have as much of that characteristic unicycle ‘wobble’ as you get on the smaller wheels).

A final plus is that the shorter cranks (5") on the 29-er mean less seat chaffing.

If I had to choose just one machine? I really don’t know, I love them both. Given my location in Sheffield which has lots of very steep hills, maybe I’d go for the 24x3; if I lived somewhere flatter I suspect it would be the 29-er.

But, you’re pretty lucky- whichever you choose you’re going to get a lot of enjoyment out of.

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Nice vid, 1WD. I like the unobtrusive music approach. U2 has that on the bonus shots and it really brings the unicycling to the foreground.

yes welcome siafirede, i dont have a 24" but i got a 28 nimbus after learning on a 20" and the initial riding of it proved alot more difficult than i imagined, was probbaly the 110’s that made it so hard, but they definatly go at a fair pace and you get used to them, my only experice with 24’s is that i can pick them up and ride them no problem its a very natural progression from a 20". currently need to send my wheel off to mike hinson because its in a bit of a state, ill be putting the miles in no doubt when i get it sorted out.

Theres some footage of me on the way to work here


just watched most of your vids, theyre quite good me thinks, the 29’er is interesting just a different approach to vids, makes a change from all the extreme skater style vids that frequent the galleries. i like the way the camera doesnt always follow you, it follows the path of the rcameraman.

Nice one. You came across really well, Joe.

I don’t think she was really idling at the end, do you? We never got a full body shot, just legs or upper body.

The hardest part of making that vid was persuading the cameraman to cover his £700 digital camera in bubblewrap and strap it to his bicycle handlebars with sellotape :slight_smile:

It worked well though- made the footage really steady.

Only problem was doing the slalom bit through the market stalls as he was having to turn as well, so the camera was pointing the wrong way through a lot of it.

It was a cool effect, the bike-mounted camera. But for more accurate aiming a helmet mount may be better. Then you don’t get the bicycle lean-action though.

The darkness and foreboding music (Das Boot soundtrack) make it look like a horror flick. I kept waiting for the camera to speed up and devour the unicyclists, or for someone to jump in from off-camera with a big shiny knife or something…

couple of vid’s here too.

Thanks, i have decided to get a 29, and now i just have to decide between the Yuni and the Semcycle. From what I have heard the Yuni seems like it has more to offer, and it is cheaper. So I am pretty sure I will get the Yuni over the Semcycle.


Semcycle XL:

what is everyones takes on Yuni vs Semcycle?

(Had trouble posting this reply once, so am trying again. Apologies if it comes up twice…)

I have no riding experience with either the Yuni or the Sem XL 29ers. Whichever frame you consider, figure out first of all what kind of tire you’ll be riding on; if you want a fat tire, be sure the fork is wide enough to clear it. Some Sem frames ( are narrower and will probably only take skinny tires. The Sem that you linked to looks like one of the wide-crowns; it’s offered with a Nanoraptor so width is probably not an issue.

My feeling is that a 29 is more different from a 24 than a 24 is from a 20. I had some trouble controlling my 29 when I first got it, until I put longer cranks (5.5") and a fatter tire on it. Now I like it a lot.

Re: Anyone have a video of 29"?

On Fri, 7 May 2004 02:21:39 -0500, “siafirede” wrote:

>what is everyones takes on Yuni vs Semcycle?

I have a 28" Nimbus 2 (sold a Yuni in US). Fits a Big Apple 28 x 2.35
which I recommend very much as a road/distance tyre. The axle on my
one is rather weak, I destroyed it on its maiden trip by some small
hopping. It was replaced under warranty but I remain very careful. I
think the current version of the Yuni has a stronger axle.

I have a Semcycle XL 20" (with a 1.75" tyre). No problems with that
one, I think the axle is stronger.

In conclusion:
If the Yuni has a strong axle, buy Yuni.
Elseif the Semcycle fits a BA 28 x 2.35, buy Semcycle.
Else buy Yuni.

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