anyone have a Rysling update?

anyone know what happened to Chris? last i heard he was hang gliding. that was about a year ago though.

Re: anyone have a Rysling update?

Last words here, 9 months ago:

Last I heard, he had lost his sight, and was playing accordian, living in a cathouse on some remote outpost. If he sees this, I’m still putting in my request for “The Green Hills of Earth” while idling on a 26".

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And looking for W. W. Smith?

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Thats not right. He’s lost his accordian in a poker game. He’s living in the outhouse with 8 cats.

I got this picture from him on 5/22/2004.

Motor Boarding @ Night



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The entire blind outhouse thing is really just a front. He’s a secret agent working on infiltrating the motor boarding community. Don’t worry; none of them motor boarders read these forums. His secret is safe with us.

Several of us get photos from him at time to time with no text. We only get to see the fun that he is having in some beautiful places.

The last time I tried to call him I got his voicemail that said, “I’m on vacation, leave me a message.” He has the right idea. He is exploring the realm of PV - perpetual vacation. Perfect.