anyone have a picture of Qu-Ax Lightweight Alloy Crank Arms

there sold at here

does anyone have a pic know what they look like.color?

i think there’s a picture of both the hub and cranks at

thanx General, your right i found them here

they look like they are melt forged which would be bad/weak.

yeah they really do

I have some hi-res pics of them here

My brother has done some 4 foot drops on them and havent broken, but he only weighs 70lbs.

well now, you do dont you? thanx very much! i was thinking about the 114mm size for a 28er so maybe they are stonger than they look. i wouldnt be doing anything over a foot really… i mainly like the available size, there isnt may 114 cranks around. its mainly 110mm then it shoots up to 127mm mostly.

If you want qu-ax items go they have virtuyally everything you´ll need!!

Photos included!


PD: I have a pair of 114s they are super ligth!!!

Yeah so do i, they are indeed superlight.

i would recomend them, i doubt at only 114mm they would bend at one foot, or from pedal touque when doing stange things with fairly large wheels.