Anyone have a KH/Schlumpf hub they're thinking about getting rid of?

I am thinking of buying a KH/Schlumpf hub but wanted to check here to see if anyone wanted to sell there’s. I know a few people have bought them and then haven’t used them too much so if anyone is out there and hasn’t used your KH/schlumpf hub, I’d gladly take it off your hands. :slight_smile:

I only want the KH/Schlumpf with ISIS splines, preferably a newer version of one that had the bearings updated.

know Mbalmer had one that she was wanting to sell last year. Not sure if she found a buyer or not.

Thanks, I will PM her and see if she still has it. I am really liking the idea of having a 26" Guni for fast singletrack stuff. I plan on building it up with a KH 26" rim and a Racing Ralph 26" snakebite tire, it should be a great compliment to my large marge set-ups for fast, flat-ish off-road trails :smiley:

I knew when I clicked this that you were planning on a 26 guni build.

Yes sir… I’ll hopefully build it by the end of the summer. For a while, I thought I wanted a 29-er but the 26" guni will suit me better

Not throwing in the towel yet. I’m a slow learner and have high hopes of enjoying this thing. I’ll let you know if/when I decide the frustration outweighs the fun. It’s a 26" KH Guni.

Ok, keep me in mind, if you throw in the towel, I’ll pick up the torch and try my hand at it :slight_smile:

Seriously, I am VERY interested if you want to sell it eventually.

If anyone else has one they want to get rid of, PM me :wink:

C’mon… I know there must be one of you who’d KH/Schlumpf hub (and possibly uni attached to it) is gathering dust. Set your hub free… I promise to take good care of it and ride it often :smiley:

If you want, I could trade for a Nimbus 36-er set-up (new frame, nightrider rim, ISIS hub, brakes, shadow handlebar, freeride air seat, 125 and 150 venture cranks). I plan on keeping this uni but if it entices someone to sell me their schlumpf, I’d consider letting it go.

bumpity… don’t make me buy a new one :slight_smile:

Even if your hub comes with a full uni…I’d be interested!

persistant little bugger aren’t you?

Yup… I’d rather put one to use that’s out there than order one. Now that Florian has someone in the US, getting one may not be too bad.

I gotta say, when you drop that much on a hub, it makes you question your sanity, but in this case if you really wanna play, you really gotta pay!

I spoke with Silva by phone and he was very positive about the hubs and is working on making the ordering process better. Who knows, maybe he’ll even get “permission” to do repairs :astonished:

Don’t you already have one?

No, I don’t already have one. I have no problem with the cost, it’s the wait I’m worried about, both getting the hub and repairing it if necessary. In my brain, buying one from someone not using theirs is a better option.

Call Bronson, I think you’ll find that he can put your mind at ease if you were to spring for a new hub.

Schlumpf repairs done stateside?

That would be ideal. I am keeping my Impulse fully intact in case the hub on my new (being built by Silva as soon as he is done with Terry’s and Ben’s KH26Gs) KH36G should need repair. I have heard the horror stories (long wait) about people shipping hubs overseas for repairs. It would be great if Silva get’s the OK from Florian to perform some minor repairs in California.

Are you looking for a Schlumpf?

Yes… I’m not so hot and bothered for one to spring for retail yet (probably will be by the end of the summer) but if someone wants to sell me there’s for a good price, I’ll probably by it.

I sent a PM a while ago… I’d better check that I sent it to the right person, haha