anyone have a kh for sale?

hey again i am looking to buy a kh trials uni, do any of you have one for sale? i am also looking for a kh 24" frame

Jagur has a KH 24. Last I heard he was selling it around $175 USD.

thats way to much.

i will buy it for $125.00

Don’t talk to me. I must say though that a new KH frame is like $50 more than that. $175’s definitely not dirt cheap, but it’s reasonable.

i am also in search for a really strong wheel set for a torker lx 20" frame.

i dont want splined i just want really strong normal cranks.

where were you last week?

i had my kh 20/bedford trials uni for sale. AND NOW I DONT

ha sucker

even more than that…a new KH 24" frame is $210 plus shipping from im selling mine for $170 plus shipping. (less than $11 for shipping)

Jager and Unibrow: wake up, you guys are just getting your chains yanked by little boy total uni, here disguised as good unicycler. Let’s hope he’s that, since he’s a BAD forum member.

I think he’s just trying to push me to say the same kind things to him that Obie did…

yeah im awake. but i had to reply since a KH24 frame is alot more than just $175…just a correction post for the record.

im just amused because i wanted to sell it so bad for like a week and now i dont MUAhaHAHAHhAa