Anyone have a Druni?

It took months to acquire so I figured I would post the unicycle of my dreams.

-Qu-Ax 36er
-Red ISIS Hub 48 spoke
-KH Moment Dual Hole 125/150 cranks
-Wellgo Mag pedals
-T7 Handle
-KH Freeride Saddle




may i ask what a druni is…


OOOOOOOOhhhh, ok mine is:D
Kris holm 2007 trials

kris holm.jpg

oh i see dream-uni = druni

mine has to be a KH36 with the KH/schumph hub and T7, =over £1000 though! :astonished:
then ill stop buying whole unis and stick with what i have, i’ll just get spares and repares after and save my money (how long will that last?:stuck_out_tongue: )

shouldn’t they have put that sign lower so it actualy blocks the bridge? the archway it creates just makes it all the more tempting.

I’m going to get it this autumn I hope. Basically a KH29 with KH/Schlumpf geared hub and Magura Hs33 brake.

By the way, am I the only one who’s tempted to add an extra “I” to the sign?
Edit: Answering my own question: given the filename, probably no.

Don’t you mean a ‘‘d’’? :thinking: .

The “D” was scratched off. the bridge is structurally “safe” IMO, I think the only reason it is closed is because there is no railing on the side and no boards put down for walking like on the other trusses. I think it is more of a liability issue rather than an actual safety issue. The ride was decent but about a km up the path after the bridge (west) I was met with 1’ of snow so i turned around and did the trail the other way (east), total distance = 27km with 1000’ elevation difference.

This is the east trail I did if anyone is interested:


Those who don’t like poorly Photoshop pictures, raise a hand.

Sorry for being off topic. But I really like that picture with the sign.

Awesome, seems pretty on topic to me.

Nice man! When I saw that pic I thought it looked like that rails to trails ride in Nelson. Have you ridden any of the more technical (north shore) trails in Nelson?

Yeah man for sure, do you come to nelson often?