Anyone have a Coker frame 4 sale?

Now that I have a new Airfoil rim, I’d like to build a back-up Coker, but I need a frame. Does anyone have a Coker frame for sale, know where I can get one at a reasonable price… or if you’ve already built one (and tested it) and you’re willing to build me one at a reasonable price… it would be really cool to have a custom frame… but I doubt I could afford that right now… unless you’re primarily building it for your own satisfaction or to get more experience and/or get more of your frames in use. Thanks…
Andrew (HCR)

I believe Darren Bedford sells them for $75. plus more for painting.

check pms

HardcoreCokerRider is a guy, he doesn’t have pms.

good comeback!

Re: Anyone have a Coker frame 4 sale?

I too would like a stock frame, or a relatively inexpensive custom
frame. They seem pretty difficult to track down. It would be nice to
have a frame to go with my old coker wheelset, if ever
gets the new rims in so I can upgrade.

I do have Coker frames in stock.

Cokers with alloy rims too.


info at bedfordunicycles dot ca