Anyone has spinning videos?

I’m looking for videos with fast unicyclists. I find this fascinating, also it can be interesting for learning new skills.

I tried to find one I saw here months ago, it was one of the top 24" riders out there who had stuck a go-pro on his saddle (or seat post), letting us get a sense of what a “sewing machine on one wheel” is. :slight_smile:

Feel free to post you favorites in that thread!

Edit: ok, I’m starting with a classic from Terry:

Usually, any uni track race in standard category will mean high frequency pedaling.

I am just not sure there are some with a cam on the unicycle. But at least it can give you a sense of what is manageable and the techniques involved (if the camera is close enough to the track).

I don’t have a super high max speed, but I’m generally a sub 30min standard 10k rider.

Is this what you’re after?

That’s the one! Thanks, that made my day! :slight_smile:
That’s some serious spinning for sure.