Anyone had any experience with the Schwinn 24-inch Offroad form

Recently i’ve been looking at this Uni at and have been considering buying it but would hate to buy it without first getting some input or opinions. First: Is it a good value? By that I mean if I take it to some serious trails will it fall apart with in a month? is it a good quality? i.e. rim, frame, cranks, etc. Second, has anyone else ridden it who thought it was a good uni for all around off road or is it just good for down-hill riding? Any other comments or opinions would be great.

                -Jon Davis

p.s. I forgot to search the forums for previous questions like this but since this is quite a specific one i figured it wouldn’t bother any one


on the website it says that the schwinn off-road uni is out of stock, i would call and talk to the guys at before you get your heart set on that uni, they will also be a bunch of help in finding whats right for you. i recently bought a off road uni and have to say that, while i am on a budget, it is very worth it not to scrimp on a couple of things. the seat, in my opinion, is the most important thing to go all out for, since it is what will dictate how much you use the rest of the cycle, everything else on the schwinn looks adequate, then, depending on how hooked you become, you can upgrade from there

Re: Anyone had any experience with the Schwinn 24-inch Offroad form

I think you’d do well to save a bit longer and do with a Pashley or Semcycle
XLW–or wait a bit and get the Yuni (like the Nimbus II) that will be available
later this summer.

Schwinns are wickedly heavy and the wheels aren’t that great.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

I would hold off for a bit longer and wait for the huge shipment of Nimbus II frames that should be recieving shortly.
As far as the seat goes… an air converted Miyata is the way to go. If you’re going to be rough on it and don’t mind spending the extra cash I’d get a carbon-fibre seat base, and maybe a Reeder handle while you’re at it.
There’s a million combos as far as cranks/hub/wheel go.
The Alex DX32 is a great rim at about half the cost of the Sun Doublewide.
You can get a cheap Arrow 24x3.0 tire for $20, or splurge for the Gazz 24x3.0 at $55
I’d go ahead and spend the extra money on the cranks/hub and go with a Profile setup in 170mm.
Basically it all comes down on how much you want to spend.
If you give me your budget I’ll try and throw together a slew of parts for you.

did you sell your Hunter?the schwinn is retro-cool,but i hear the flat steel fork flex’s bigtime

That’s JonnyD, not JonnyB

Thanks for all the replies. First off, I have no idea what Jagur is talking about when he asked if I sold my Hunter unless he was referring to someone else. . . anyhow, from your responses, I guess i probably will want to save up for a Pashley or a Nimbus II or as Accord said, assemble my own. My budget is looking at upwards of $500 but probably not untill the end of the summer, but by then it might be more (actually it will probably be more.) With $600 and a loan, I could probably set my sights on a Pashley. but untill then. . . Maybe it would be better for me to assemble my own like with a Miyata seat or maybe the new Velo or something. thank you all,

-Jon davis

Nice. Glad to see you’re allowing yourself to spend the extra cash now. I wish I would have done that in the first place. I wasted a lot of money breaking stuff because I was too cheap to go all out.
Here’s what I’m going to be building my MUNI out of. I’ve got the same seat that I’m going to transfer from my trials uni to my MUni to cut down on costs.
Nimbus II frame = approx $45?
Carbon fiber/Air Miyata with Reeder handle = $200
Profile cranks/hub in 170mm = $315
Alex DX32= $40
Nokian Gazz 24x3.0 (with down-hill tube) = $64
Spokes = $15

Total = $679 + shipping. $700 shipped let’s say.
This doesn’t include building the wheel.
You’ll save some cash if you can build your own. If you get in good with the guy at the bike store he might do it for a 6 or 12 pack of beer. That’s what I did. :slight_smile:

You can skimp out on a few parts if you want to save some cash. You can save $35 by getting the Arrow tire. $16 if you assemble your own seat. And another $56 if you don’t go with the carbon fibre seat base. Your new total drops down to $590-$595. Hope this helps.

Thanks dude. That sounds awesome. Now: work, save and do both some more.

Glad I could be of assistance.

I still have mine. It’s been all redone. Yea it was a total blast to ride in the 24 configuration, And flex was there, But It wasn’t an issue at all, I still could rail hop do stand stills etc. But that was back in the day. Funny thing, it’s completely restored with a 20" trials kit now. Pics are on my photo album.
Anyone wanna cool retro/nuevo uni? I’ll sell it. I need a 24 or 26 I think.