Anyone got some footage of the UNICON XIII trial contest?

Title says it all:p


I’m pretty sure someone did, the problem being it lastest 2 hours and that was just the expert category!
But there have been a couple of compilation videos featuring trials footage so I’m sure you’ll be in luck.


Well, can you send me some?
Expecialy from Ryan Atkins.

Vriendelijke groeten:


I’m affraid not, it’s almost half a terabyte of video.
But please do know it will be on the uniconnews edition13 double-DVD that’s now in the make.

OK, wat kost die DVD ongeveer?


We are still not totally sure what you have to pay for the DVD but it will be less than 20 € for sure.

There will be a lot of Unicon13 stuff on it and it will be a double DVD but we also have no Trial footage as I know. We have the complete Street stuff but Downhill and Trial was missing. If there existing some good stuff it would be great to get it.