Anyone got assembly instructions for a schlumpf?

The assembly instructions don’t seem to availabe for download from Florian’s website yet.

I am baby sitting a schlumpf for a few days but it needs some maintenance. I took note of the message on the hub to read the instructions before proceeding but unfortunately I am not baby sitting the instructions! (Or the schlumpf tool which could be a problem too).

I need to change cranks, remove the frame and mount a different frame. Anyone got an electronic version of the info on how to do this or will this beauty just have to sit in my garage?

Changing the frame is easy enough. Just undo the bearing and torque arm bolts and move it across.

The cranks are hard, and you need the special tools.

The schlumpf tools are:
1)A little flat tool with two pins, which hook into the two dents on the button.
2)A teeny weeny 1.5mm allen key, which undoes the button (whilst holding it with the flat tool to stop it turning).
3)A special little tube that slots over the shifting lever once you’ve got the button off. This lets you use a crank puller to take off the cranks.

Number 3 is the most important thing - if you use a crank puller without the tube, you can break the shift lever and have a dead hub. You could probably get away with a pair of pliers instead of the flat tool.

It is I think the same as in C-2 of the mountain drive manual

He says there that you might be able to use an M6 nut if you don’t have the little tube to slot over the shifting lever.

You can get the tools from the Schlumpf importer . I’d guess they’re the same as the mountain drive tool sets

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You can see the tools as the last thing on (the 2 spare gear shift buttons)