anyone got a spare Torker seat?

i got a 16" uni for my 4 year old son and a Torker seat would be perfect.if any one has one to donate or sell cheap it would be very cool.i’ll pay shipping/send a check or whatever.

well son,nothing in life is free.your just gonna have to rake leaves and do your chores,then maybe if your lucky,you’ll get one for X-mass :wink:

How about a trade: your 104’s for my spare Torker seat?

If he had 104s then I’m sure we’d all want them. I believe he has 102s…

I’ve got a torker saddle… that is dying, but will be great for learning!! I would just give it to you but then I wouldn’t have a saddle, so I will trade, saddle for saddle, I will take anything but a savage or an avenir… it’s your choice!!

-Jonathan Ware-

they might end up on the very same 16" unicycle so i cant do that trade.

thanx bag-boy on the mostly dead seat option but i think i’ll pass.maybe some day if i get a spare seat,i’ll trade it to you for a plaid shirt.

Is it really that hard to find plaid shirts? I mean, come one people!!! but, just thought I would at least offer my saddle for the child, a little act of kindness

-Jonathan Ware-


yes,yes your offer was kind,i just dont have another seat to swap anyway:)

Plaid shirts are indeed everywhere but to have an original Bagpiperboy shirt, the ones made famous in the “Faces” gallery, now there’s a treasure to covet!

aha, so it would… I didn’t consider the genuinity of my shirts!!! I don’t need to trade for a saddle, I could trade for other unicycling stuff, or money, or gift certificates, or anything!!! just get back to me, my email is

-Jonathan Ware-

ps. the 711 in that email isn’t a gimick because I like 7-11 those are my birthday numbers