Anyone got a MUni Travel Bag they will sell?

UNI dot com is sold out and says they are discontinued, and Roach hasn’t responed to my email.

I’m gonna be flying to Georgia for training for a month around October or November.

I know I can use a really big suitcase or even the box it came in, but I am hoping to get the bag if possible.

Anyone not needing theirs anymore?
Anyone know where I can buy one?

I’m looking for one that will fit the 24inch Gazz and KH seat.

Ed Hansen

Ed I can’t help you, but I thought I remember that someone had commented on not using a box, because “they” may need to open it before it goes on a plane. Which leads me to believe they might leave it open after checking it. So, maybe the box may not be an alternative.

Boxes still work fine. Just bring the unicycle packed in the box, but not taped or otherwise sealed. Security will do their inspection, then seal the box for you. I’ve done it several times. The only challenge is that you can’t touch the box after you’ve given it to security. They have to do the re-packing and taping/roping.

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

army surplus large duffle bags are good for this and really cheap.

Thanks for the heads-up on the Box-n-Airport thing.

I’ll check into that Army duffel bag thing as well. I have 2 or 3 of them kicking around full of Whitewater gear. (All those years on active duty paying off!) If it fits the Gazz, that may be the ticket.

Or, if someone else out there has THE travel bag, I’m still looking for that as well.

take it apart,deflate the tyre.

do anything to cram it into the smallest thing you can find helps.

call it performace equipment too,otherwise face the bicycle curse.Yoopers can back me up on that…

I have the absolut top of the line hand made unicycle bag. it will fit an assembled 24" unicycle (minus the pedals). All duct tape with foam padded shoulder straps, and snap closure system.

If you still want it, Email me, or AIM me.

i once had a link to sombodies web site who had instuctions on how to build a uni-bag out of duct tape.was that you?

you bet it was. The probem is that they wanted to start charging me for the site, so its gone now. I lost all my pictures, text, everything, all gone.

Re: Anyone got a MUni Travel Bag they will sell?

On Sat, 20 Sep 2003 10:07:59 -0500, nick
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>I lost all my pictures, text, everything, all

Nick I remember your site. You may be lucky and recover some of it
from <>.

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Re: Anyone got a MUni Travel Bag they will sell?

You can use one of those bags that road cyclists use to carry their spare wheels with. I got a Mavic Crossmax wheelbag from my LBS- it will fit most 24-29’ wheels but you may need to take the tyre off. Bike shops often have a few spare so you may even get one for free.

I prefer a good wheelbag- line it with cardboard for added protection. I find a wheelbag easier to foldup and carry once you reach your destination.