Anyone going to Saalbach in the end of July?

I’m going to Saalbach in Austria at 20th July to 3rd August and I wonder if anyone else is planning to go there during that time for some nice muni rides? I’m planning to take my KH 24 muni and a normal MTB with me. My plan is to use the lifts to get up on the mountains and then ride the trails down. I’ve been there once before with my MTB and I think it will be fun also with a muni.

If anyone is interested to ride with me please let me know. I’d also like to know if anyone can suggest nice trails for muni at Saalbach region.

Hey PolarMuni :slight_smile:

We’ll stay in Saalbach from first to 4th August. It would be great if we could ride together :smiley:

We have been there for two times and the trails are so awesome!
Here are the videos of our Muni trips to Saalbach :wink:

Hi Carina,

it’d be great to ride with you! I’ll be leaving on Saturday morning 3rd August but we can ride on Friday and perhaps also on Thursday. I’ve seen your videos several times, they are awesome!

Friday would be great :slight_smile: We could ride the X-line together. Where are you staying?

I don’t know if we ride on Thursday, but I’ll ask the others :wink:

Hi PolarMuni,

I stay in the area of saalbach from 16 july till 25 july.
My plan is to ride some trails in saalbach I’am taking with me a 26inch schlumpf and a 26 inch downhill unicycle.

Is there some on this forum who can give me some advice on the trails there.
For the schlumpf i am looking for some nice flowing downhill single tracks.

I am also interested to ride to together.

I can recommend the X-line in Saalbach and the Pro Line in Hinterglemm. The first part of the X-line is a flowing downhill single track. The second part goes trough a wood with lots of roots, North Shore elements and steep sections. If you want you can ride many drops and other different stuff there.
The Pro line is just about 2km, but great to ride! There are some really cool parts in it (but if it’s wet, it is really hard to ride).

For the schlumpf, the “Big five” might be interesting for you :wink: You have to go 500 meters up yourself, and for the other 4500m you can use 5 different cablecars.
But I’ve never done this tour yet. Maybe I’ll do it next year :roll_eyes:

So this means that unicycles are allowed at the downhill tracks in Saalbach :slight_smile:
I have seen the big five thats a bit to much for me to ride.

Yes, they are definitely allowed :slight_smile:

nice to hear that there will be other muni riders in the Saalbach region at the same time! It would be very fun to ride with you, I’ll send my contact information to you on PM. I agree with Carina that X-line is probably good for muni. Now there’s also the new Z-line and there are also some trails that might be good (I haven’t ridden them):

Today i tried the x-line with my schlumpf unicycle.
Only cold use the hi gear on few sections on the trial.
I think am going to ride it again but then with my downhill unicycle.

I’ve now spent a little more than a week at Saalbach area and here’s some thoughts of the different trails:

  • X-line is 6 km long with 1000 m of vertical drop. This one is very good for municycling: difficult, long and interesting. Even more difficult when wet.

  • Hacklberg trail is about 10 km long with about 1000 m of vertical drop. Flowing, beautiful trail and technically not very difficult. The worst part is the steep 200 m climb at the beginning and some boring dirt road sections.

  • Bergstadl trail starts and ends at the same place as Hacklberg trail. Haven’t done this with a unicycle but based on my ride with a MTB it offers plenty of technically very challenging sections (steep with rocks and roots). Maybe even too much. When I finished this trail I could smell that the brakes of my bike were hot…

  • Z-line & Milka Line are boring for muni since they are smooth and not so steep.

  • Can’t recommend Hochalm trail, Höllen trail and Wetterkreuz trail because the amount of fun is too small compared to amount of road sections.

  • Pro line (with Evil Eye trail) seems to be good for muni but I’ve done it only with a MTB. Sometimes steep but not so much roots and rocks compared to X-line. Scary jumps and drops (up to 5 m high) but I didn’t see any narrow north shores etc.

  • The Hangman I and Hangman II trails in Leogang might be interesting for muni. At least Hangman I contains technically challenging parts.

  • Most of the hiking trails are not good for muni. Either they have way too much roots or they are too narrow to ride (pedals do not have room to rotate). Only exceptions that I’m aware of are the Höhen-Rund-Weg trail between Schattberg Ostgipfel and Seetörl (an easy trail) and the Big-5 trail between Kohlmaiskopf and Asitzhütte.

  • Finally I’d like to point out that the Kitzsteinhorn area (about 35 km from Saalbach) has now MTB trails. Today I did with a MTB the Geisstein trail/Wüstlau trail combination which starts at 2450 m and ends at 900 m. I believe these trails would be interesting also for muni even though they contain some boring dirt road sections. Scenery was very beautiful at the top of Geisstein trail which was opened only last week when the snow had finally melted. However, the price of a single ascent is rather high 19.50 euros.