Anyone going to Reading PA IJA Fest?

So are ya? Is anyone planning on attending the international juggling Festival in Reading PA this year? I’ll be there Wed.-Sat.
-David Kaplan

Re: Anyone going to Reading PA IJA Fest?


I’m very interested cause
that’s only 40 minutes from
home please send me more

David Ramos

All the info is there. To attend, you must be a member of the international jugglers association. Its not too late to join if you are not already a member. Its only $32 a year, or something like that. The membership is cheap, however admission to the juggling gym is about 45 a day or something like that. Call them up, or write the IJA an e-mail, and they could get you all hooked up.
-David Kaplan
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Re: Anyone going to Reading PA IJA Fest?

>however admission to the juggling gym is about 45 a

The prices are prorated the more days you attend, but it is worth noting that
Monday, July 15th will be free with no registration required. I will be there
then and maybe Tuesday. This is the first year (in a long time?) the IJA has
had a day for which there is no charge.

I have never been to one of the big IJA festivals, and have no idea how many
people will show up on Monday. There have been many complaints over the years
about the cost of attending. Search rec.juggling and you’ll see what I mean.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

oh no!

don’t get me started on the ija, please
suffice it to say that this year south african jugglers will once again gather for a day of poi-swinging in protest against the so-called ‘world juggling day’