Anyone going to Birmingham

This weekend is the Birmingham Circus Convention and there is normally a dedicated unicycling space and loads of unicyclists and workshops. There is also a nice big pitch outside which is perfect for hockey.

I was just interested to see who was going if anyone.

More info can be found at

Hope to see some of you there.


Yes I will be there again with the kids.


I might be going

Yeah i probably will go if i can get my dad to drive us up, it just depends whether he feels like it. hope to see you there.


Wish I could…

Wow, looks like a blast! Can’t make it due to the fact that I’m IN the circus. We’re touring Lincolnshire/Yorkshire at the moment. We’re in Gainsborough throughout this week. Interesting fact: Gainsborough hasn’t had a circus here for over 25 years due to an incident with an escaped lion and a 10 year old boy (a tragic outcome to say the least).

We’ll be spending a couple months in Mablethorpe LINCS during the summer season, if anyone is in that area stop by to see the show and do some juggling/unicycling!


Bulgarian State Circus

I should be going, even though my car died this morning so I will be dependant on public transport so will most likely miss some of the show - Doh !

Alan Chambers and Mark Wiggins will be there running unicycling workshops.

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