Anyone from Toronto or Ottawa going to Motorama?

I was wondering if there’s anyone from either toronto or ottawa going to motorama, as the title implies. If so, could i get a ride?

Motorama is a great event and i really don’t want to miss it!

-Ryan Atkins

p.s. It goes without saying that i’ll throw in for gas and any other related expense.

im not going but i would like you to congratulate you on being sponsered by Kris Holm!

hey ryan its joel i’d be interested in giving you a ride down to motorama, i went last year so i know how sweet it is. i dont live in t.o. but if you can get to sarnia i can take you from there ,its about 2 hours away from toronto and about 10 seconds away from the us-canada border so if your cool with that just give me a call (519)869-6384 or send me an e mail at