Anyone from Oklahoma?

I’m looking for someone to ride trials/street with or anything.

Doug Massey is from NORMAN, OKLAHOMA and may be able to give you a heads up on people in the area with the same riding interests as yours. Doug last posted here in January but the link I gave you has his current e-mail address in it.

Check your post messages.

My lurking to posting ratio is really high.

Contact me…let’s ride!!!

Yah someone to jump around with!

I say we all pick a date this summer and meet somewhere. It would be fun. I couldn’t make it till like a month from now cause i have to get new uni.

Also a Oklahoma rider - mostly interested in off-roading, but been trying some freestyle at the local park jumping curbs. Actually took the Muni to the skate park on Robinson, but couldn’t do too many things there.