Anyone found a good helmet rearview mirror

I use a BMX style helmet when I ride and all the small ‘cycling rearview’ mirrors I can find seem to be flimsy, vibrate a lot (blurring the image) and are designed to fit on a normal bicycle helmet.

Has anyone found a decent rearview mirror for road unicycling that fits to a BMX/skateboard style helmet and is actually useful?

Failing that, has anyone made one that works and can share their design, please? :slight_smile:

Will it work out? :smiley:

Found in search tool!

Sorry if you find my preview posted not amused. :o But what I found more information on what you requested via rear view mirror. Here:

Spy glasses? /facepalms :smiley:

The other post - 6 years ago that would have been a good thread for anyone who wanted to wear glasses on a unicycle and have a mirror attached to them. I did look at it (and other threads) earlier, thanks though.

Now - back to helmet mounted mirror solutions :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve found this one works well:
Don’t fix it 'till you’re sure of the position…you can’t re-do it.

A handlebar cycle mirror fixed to the back of a glove might work just as well…just raise your hand to view what’s behind…I seem to remember seeing such a thing in a recent edition of ‘VeloVision’ magazine.

Good luck and happy riding :slight_smile:

I use this one

you stick a patch of velcro to the inside of the helmet to attach it

I use it on a standard cycle helmet but i would imagine that it will work with a skate one too


Has anybody used something like this:

Seems like a good solution, but I think it would be quickly crashed in a UPD.

I for got who had one of thoes, it died during a upd

I have an old mirror called a See-Bak that has a loop of elastic, and you wear it over your glove. The mirror sits perpendicular to your hand, and has a reflector on the front side for oncoming traffic. it works well on a bike, but I don’t know about a uni.

Lately I’ve been using a mirror that I made that attaches to my sunglasses. It is a half inch hobby mirror from the craft store epoxied to a piece of 20 gauge brass wire, and the wire is attached to my glasses with a piece of old inner tube. It works great. I suspect it would be easy enough to make something like this for a helmet mount. I’ll post pix in a bit.

A stainless steel dental mirror makes a good helmet rear view mirror. It is cheap, durable and functional. I bought the dental mirror on eBay for $0.99 delivered to my front door (from China). If you do not have the two part epoxy on hand for gluing into the helmet, it will cost more then the mirror.

I have a few hundred road miles on it and it works very well.

Are you concerned about it damaging your head/face in a proper crash? That’s always stopped me from sticking anything to my helmet in the past.

No, not really concerned with any adverse impact due to the mirror. In a full face plant with broken nose, cut lip and missing teeth the mirror would likely not have an adverse effect. The main shaft of the mirror is parallel to the head and not likely to become like a spike being driven into the brain.

For road riding in traffic I think it is important to know where the traffic is. Maybe there is some adverse impact but kind of like folks that say they do not want to wear seat belts because they are afraid of being trapped under water. I think the benefits outweigh any negative impacts.

Cycleaware reflex for me.
I have been using this for bicycle rides for years and have it stuck to the helmet, so am using it for unicycle too.
The mirror itself and the flexible arm can detach on impact.
A quick turn of the head gives you full rear scan, and there are no permanently fixed metal rods involved, which feel a bit awkward to me.
I don’t ride without it any more; wouldn’t want to ride without knowing what comes from behind well before I can hear it, or what sits just behind me in traffic.