Anyone fancy free entry to a club this weekend for doing some unicycling? *London*

It’s at SE One in London and the night is called Luminopolis. It used to be known as Synergy and is a cracking night out. There are loads of different music styles and fun things to do.

I did it for the last one and just had to spend an hour riding outside for people in the queue and then had the whole night to enjoy.

If anyone’s interested give me a shout.

There’s also a night in Manchester on the 12th of December that are looking for people to juggle or unicycle. It’s a similar sort of deal and another fun night but a bit less musical variety.

If anyone’s interested give me a shout and I’ll pass on your e-mail address to the relevant folk.

How’d you land this gig?

Talk with the club owner / manager? Have a friend that works there?

What was your “sales pitch”? I’d like to find a similar gig in San Francisco…

Erm, the Manchester one I was contacted through a music forum and the London one was through a magician friend.

Promoters are generally the people to talk to for this sort of thing. Them or join an agency.

I can’t say I’ve really given a pitch, just sent photo’s to give an idea of what I can do after being approached or put in touch with the relevant person.

It’s quite easy over here to get work as a walk-about (or roll-about) act at festivals which is another good blag to get into fun spaces.

Some friends of mine have worked some clubs in the area doing similar things, but I have yet to find a larger club that plays music I like in Ottawa, seems like I’m stuck in the small ones for now.