Anyone familiar with Port Angeles, WA?

Anyone have first hand experience visiting or living there?

I’m about 40kms north on Vancouver Island, never been to Port Angeles though.

Been there a couple of times. My best friend grew up there (20+ years ago). It’s is kind of a weird combination of old mill/outdoorsy/retirement town.

It’s a nice place

You will like it. A bit isolated for some. If you are selective in location you can find yourself in the rain shadow or else pack rain gear. Search on “olympic rain shadow”. We like it there. I’d live there.

Nice small town atmosphere, as Joe said you have to aware of where you are in that area because of the rain shadow. Can stay wet if you are in the wrong place, but beautiful when the sun comes out. Not far from there is Sequim (pronounced “Squim”) which gets much less rain. Also consider anywhere on the Olympic Penninsula is similar to living on a island. Luckily the ferries are widely available.

Would be an interesting place to live. Does seem a little removed from the Seattle area. I travel through all the time for recreation. Fishing and hiking for me. The Northwest corner of Washington state is absolutely stunning. The Olympic mountains are a little known jewel and Victoria, B.C. is a quick boat ride away, and is a great city to visit. Of interest to me also is the removal of 2 old hydroelectric dams that blocked passage of Salmon and Steelhead up the Elwha river. Before the Dams the Elwha salmon runs were some of the largest in the world and were almost wiped out. The removal will open about 70 miles of untouched wilderness to hopefully restore these magnificent fish runs. The next 20 years should be an interesting time as the habitat behind the Dams is restored.

Thanks for the feedback!

I am interviewing for a job in Port Angeles, it is still early, but it will probably work out if we decide to make the move.

Our short list includes Bend, Ashland, Corvallis, Bellingham.

We did a lot of traveling in the past few years, narrowing down the areas we wanted to “retire”. This is more of an “empty nest” move, but still a big move from East Tennessee.

I think we could make it work, our housing will be flexible, we’ll rent for a year to make sure we like it, monitor the rain shadow and pick a place to live.

The amenities are why we’d move to PA, the proximity to such amazing mountains and water, two hour ferry service the one of the most beautiful cities in NA, three hours to Seattle or Bellingham, seventeen miles to BC skiing, sea kayaking out the door, trails in abundance.

It would be a grand adventure for sure :slight_smile:

And, if your interview is timed correctly, you can attend the IHD ride.

Or you could just move to Ogden so you can fix my stuff when I break it. :roll_eyes: There’s 3 or 4 ski resorts right down the road, and the bike trails…

Ah yes, Utah, the land of opportunity and HEAT!

I would if I could, but being a ginger has a downside; I just can’t tolerate the heat and exposure. I’ve had enough of the heat to last me a lifetime, it’s time for cooler temps.

But you can visit any time, and of course I’ll visit, my daughter and UPDinUtah both live in SLC

I’ve lived on an island, the Olympic is isolated, but not that isolated :astonished:

As long as we have other places to go, Forks, PT, Sequim within an hours drive, plus two to three hours by Ferry to awesome cities like Seattle, Bellingham, and of course Victoria.

The nice thing about being mobile is we can stay for a while and if it doesn’t work we move on, though I’d like to find a place to settle for at least a decade, possibly longer.

Honestly, I like where I live now in many ways, but the heat and humidity are so bad that I don’t really enjoy ~ six months out of the year. Also, I would like to live somewhere that is a little more liberal and open minded, EastTennesee is the bible belt…

Harper, if it works out, I’ll be there with bells on :roll_eyes:

@ben the heat and humidity sucks for the big boys but super cold is almost as bad

It’s not super cold in Ohio and it is most defininitely not super cold in Port Angeles. PA has a maritime climate, rarely gets below freezing, rarely gets above 80 degrees.

PA is a beautiful green location with gobs of outdoor activities close by.
Folks are friendly and the weather is mild. Those are the plus.

Now for the neg.
It is hard to explain if you’ve never lived in a near rain forrest environment.
If you are in the wrong location, you get not really rain, but we call “coastal mist” or “heavy fog” darn near every day. Sky turns grey in Oct and clears up in Apr. Green stuff grows on everything. Truck, trailer house etc. It stays perpetually damp.

Some people can’t take the constant grey and gloom.

Just look carefully,and remember shady and cool in summer means dreary in winter.

Now that said, I think the Olympic Peninsula is a wonderful place.
Your family should love it.

Thanks Jona, that is a very good tip!

If you go to Port Angeles, drive up to Hurricane Ridge.

There have got to be some cool MUni opportunities!

I think everything in the park, unless roaded, is going to be limited to non vehicular traffic, so Hurricane Ridge is good for hiking and of course skiing!!

The National Forest surrounding the park is muni friendly and of course state, local, and some private lands are muni friendly.

So how’s Olympia? We’re trying to talk my son into attending Evergreen.

In Olympia there are a couple of rails-to-trails bike trails. There is the Capital Forest

Evergreen works wonderfully for students who are self motivated and creative, not so much for those who need structure.

Olympia this time of the year is beautiful weather wise. It can get dreary during the winter. Port Angeles and Port Townsend get far less precip in the winter.

Port Angeles is the coolest town:

You’ll need to do the almost mile high climb from shore to summit of Hurricane Ridge. That is a club I have yet to join.

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