Anyone ever used clipless BC plates?

This just seems like a weird idea that someone on this forum would have devised…

How would you get on? I can see evan doing it though


daaang, that could end up hurting…so someone try it!

maybe…you would sit down, and clip it onto your feet, then do a kip up and land on the wheel to start going.

alchemicfrederic is gonna put clipless pedals on his ultimate… then do rolls and stuff.

Easy. Clip into one, push it like a skateboard, and then wiggle your foot into the second one. If you can ride a BC one footed or close, you could do it.

It wouldn’t work because on clipless peddles you have to put your weight on the balls of your feet, on a BC that would put your weight too far back

Theres really no advantage, and a lot of disadvantages…

Il try it, I have no clue how ot get those little clipys though, and how they work, dont you need clipless shoes? How aobut just toe cages? seems like a moot point with the bolts there. I ride with the balls of my feet on the plates, sometimes even further back than that, so it wouldn tbe any problem.

make a platform with the middle like the Egg Beater style clip-less pedals (or a platform around a pair of EB’s)…Evan, you can do this!


This reminds me of my skis…My skis that didnt come off…my skis that split my leg…

Seems like suiside to me, because unles those htings come off easy you could try to bail and just break your arms catching your fall, most of my dismounts(im getting better) are kinda jumps off.

Why not try power grip style mounts. They are easy to make and test. I think would work as they hold the foot closer to the ankle and are easy to get in and out of. Would also help with not knocking your ankle.


Im shure you could jump higher using clipless plates

Why not try some sky hooks? Back in my skate-rat years, I put these on my board to make it look like I could actually get air, and then I could pull off 180s, 360s, grinds, etc. with ease.

Nah, you couldnt, i can keep the bc on my feet easy, its all about compression, tuck, and leg strength.

well, you never know… it could help…
just be sure to wear all the pads… and a helmet…


my personal opinion…