Anyone Ever Made One of These?

hey all. a while ago i made a thingy from my old uni. today i made it again and rode it around. it is harder than SIF riding but is really fun to ride.

here it is:

anyone else made one of these?

ah yes, the fag-cycle as we like to call it. it is pretty hard to ride, the easiest part about the whole thing is mounting it.

I can honestly say I haven’t ever made one of them, ever. I am, however, going to use my old unicycle frame as the forks for my old bmx so you can ride on the front wheel as well.

That thing looks pretty “cool”, does it have a name?

EDIT: A name that isn’t “fag-cycle”?

yeah, the fag-cycle

however you pronounce it fag-sickle

it may be a new idea but probably not. i did call it the fagcycle. after about an hour of riding got pretty good at it. i can hop realy really high because there is no seat, so you can tuck it heaps. i can now ride down 5 stairs and hop up them as well. the hardest part is turning.

it’s not a new idea, i’ve seen a picture of a uni like this before

where at?

i’m not sure where, but i’ve seen a few

anyone else got a pic of one? mine is the only one i have ever seen.

There’s a pic of John stood by his VW and lots of unis. There one with handle bars to the right of him.

hey thats like the same as mine. thats a lot of unis by the way.

I have built a couple of these
here is one


wow that one is so much better than mine. that other uni looks so cool.

here are a couple of other variations of the same idea


those are pretty good. do you know what they are called?

i need to modify mine because sometimes my knees hit the handles bars because they are really low.

I have never came up with a clever name for them. I just call them handle bar unis.

The first one i built was the red 16" one. I kept snagging ny knee on the seat post clamp. and figured it would be less work to make a new frame frome scratch than modify the unicycle frame. the yellow frame with a 20" tire was the end result.

I like to ride holding the handle bars while riding a regular uni as though they were a bicycle.

the one with the 24" wheel is harder to ride than the others. but like the chopper unicycle, i built it to look cool more than anything else.

me too, i built my to look cool. i also built it to try out new tricks that could be performed. i have come up with a couple but not any that i can do.

I trick that i have been working on is to ride the handlebars and a regular uni like a bike, and hop from the rear to the front wheel

I made one out of a bc but not a uni. I need some bc plates befor I can ride it because what I used bent

As for the history of handlebar unicycles, they go all the way back. The first unicycles were penny-farthing bikes with the frame and rear wheel removed. That leaves you with handlebars and no seat.

And a big freakin’ wheel!