Anyone ever hear of the "Barracuda" by Rand unicycle?

I won this bike at seaside heights NJ and I was wondering how much the value of
it is ? The bike comes with training wheels also.

Site-unseen, I feel confident in offering a mostly unused pack of 500 Q-tips in exchange for the mystery cycle; I’ll even throw in postage.


Adendum: Technicaly, those would actualy be GENERIC and not Q-tips, so correct the above to read ‘mostly unused pack of 500 cotton swabs’. Shafts are blue, and still in the original packaging. Let me know.


Re: Anyone ever hear of the “Barracuda” by Rand unicycle?


Sweet Nector

Your rage is like sweet, sweet nector that I drink from the boosem of your discontent. I milk the humorless aphid, and grow stronger.

Really, though- you don’t have to manuver like this; if you wan’t more, just say so. As a good faith gesture, I’ll sweeten the pot with this:

The sandle wood (darker one) had a really nice sent, and the yellow has many washes left in it- shure to take that fould taste right out of your mouth!

You drive a hard bargin, Fritz- but this is as high as I can go.


I question what that is a picture of.

Anyone ever hear of the “Barracuda” by Rand

I’m guessing that it’s (slightly used) soap at the bottom of a sink…
Although I’ve never heard of sandlewood-scented soap, and I’m sure it smells nice… doesn’t sound like it’ll taste very good.

Re: part 1: So… which is it: a unicycle; a unicycle with training wheels; a unicycle with 2 wheels (i.e. a “bike”) and training wheels; or just a plain ol’ bicycle with training wheels?
I think it’s important if we want to establish a truly fair barter value.

Re: part 2: Didn’t yer ma teach ya that it’s impolite to mix yer metaphors like that?

Re: Anyone ever hear of the “Barracuda” by Rand

I think I’ll stick to my Irish Springs…

What’s the flavor? I remember McDonald’s used to have mint shakes on St. Patrick’s Day. Is Irish Spring mint-flavored? Whiskey-flavored? How big of a used bar would you trade for a “Barracuda” by Rand?

Yeah – looks like a couple of toes to me… ewwwww

Irish Spring soap smells like potatoes that have been soaking in water, and then mashed into a bar of soap.

i dont think we’ll be seeing fritz again soon

The only reference I could find to “Rand” and cycling was to excersize equipment for the dissabled. The forum has no referance to Rand or Barracuda. This would sugest (which doesn’t make it so) the cycle is obscure, produced by a company with no web presence, or very old.

If you are interested in selling the cycle, consider posting photo’s of it; it may be a rebranded cycle of a more well know brand, and may garner offers by which you could gauge it’s approximate value (in disposable toiletries, at least ;)).


I searched for quite a while 'til I found the company site:

They sell bikes; Barbie™, Hot Wheels™, a 12" talking Barney bicycle, other toys etc… AND BARRACUDA bicycles!.. but every link on their site is under construction or a dead link.

They’ve had a lot of their products recalled lately (helmets, MTB shocks), so I think Christopher’s first bid may be actually be ballpark.

In light of these developements, I formally rescind the ammended offer of soap.


A-HA! So it was soap! Those who guessed were right on the soap issue. Now what was that dark area around the drain? I have some comet I’ll trade you for a few of the cotton swabs.

BTW, the Rand website bites. Most of the “links” don’t link. Figures!

What do you take me for? I’ll counter offer with a set of stright Torker cranks for, say, a couple ounces of comet (is that with a big ‘C’- or are you using the name loosely?). You want my swabs? Get real.


So… do you think that maybe Fritz was really talking to the Barracuda when he posted that?

Or, do you think we should hope that he’s still out there lurking, and is now hep to the “value”/danger of his prize, or should we email him a warning…


It’s the real deal, no generic Comet for me. Are the cranks scratched up or nice and shiny? I may throw in some used, but clean dental floss.

No offense to those who may be shareholders in Procter and Gamble, but, I think a little steel wool/nylon scouring pad and some light elbow grease would be a bit friendlier to the folks downstream of Jackson. (No implication on the quality of housekeeping at Cristopher’s is intended in the foregoing message.):slight_smile:

Please resume the bidding!