Anyone else use a an older 80's Unicycle?

I’m trying to find a supplier of cotter pins for my wife’s older Norco unicycle. I did a quick search her on, which did have a thread on it, however the supplier link provided had cotter pins with a disclaimer that they’re not compatible with 80’s unicycles.

I live in the Cambridge / Kitchener / Waterloo area in Ontario. Went to the old Brauns location, and found out that they had just move a couple of days ago. Not sure if it’s because they’re a bit disorganized due to the move, however they couldn’t find the cotter pins. If anyone knows of an online supplier, or local to my location, I’d appreciate they info.

Btw, we have three unicycles (1 cottered, and 2 cotterless). Tried to convince my wife to replace her old unicycle (she calls Yorgie LOL), but she says it has too many good memories. Now I’m tasked with keeping it working :astonished:

Btw, this is the link from the previous thread.

Yes, I have many unicycles from the 80s. But even by then, cotter pins were passe. Time to move up to the late 80s and go cotterless! :smiley:

Yeah cotterles cranks and chromolly hubs at the least, or better yet a new uni w/ ISIS for your main rides.

Until then UDC still has cotter pins.

As much as I’d like to get my wife a cotterless unicycle, this one has way too much sentimental value to her. She used to perform in a two-girl juggling show. Yorgie (her unicycle) was with them from the start.

That’s a lesson to us all … you should never name your stuff. It’s much harder to throw away later :roll_eyes:

Perhaps here : down the page

That greatly simplifies the shopping process. For now. If she starts riding it a lot, eventually it will be time for a new one…

I agree! My unicycles don’t have names. Uh, but I mostly still have all of them…