Anyone Else Have This Problem?

Ok as most of you know ive been bootin around on my new Muni for the past 3 days.

Ok so heres the problem, after the three days i decided to whip out the trials for a quick session this afternoon. When i hopped on it felt like i lost all control of my legs, i acctually had trouble riding the Trials. It was so much more jumpy and responsive than the Muni and it litterally threw me off.

The Muni is 24" with 170mm Cranks and the Trials is 19" with 140mm Cranks so im guessing that the wheel size and crank difference was a large contributing factor.

Whats really wierd though is that after about and hour of riding the Trials(I got my legs back in order:P), i was able to hop right back on the Muni, no troubles at all it was like id never even stepped of the Muni in the first place…

Sure has me stumped :thinking:

Anyone else have this problem?


After 3 weeks solid of using my coker and not using the 20" for about a month. It felt so strange to get on the 20" again. Like I’d forgotten how to ride. The effect didn’t last for long - a couple of minutes before I got the revolutions right. It was fine getting back on the coker afterwards though.

A couple of times with the coker I have forgotten I was riding such a heavy wheel and tried to set off with too little woomph. I went forward but the uicycle stayed where it was.


I did that the first time i freemounted with my new Muni.

Anyways, im glad to hear that its not just me.

i went form only having a coker to trials… that was weird…


Hmm, has never happened to me. Ill be riding my trials, then got to a 24 easily, then back to a trials, then go ride a 29er for a few days, then back to my trials, then get the urge for the giraffe, so ill ride that. I havent had the problem you described.

Lucky you, Jerrick. Some people do seem to adapt to different sizes more readily than others. I’ve recently been riding my 29 exclusively and about 3 days ago I decided to get out my 24 just for fun. It seemed really twitchy and responded to my inputs much more quickly than the 29er. I felt really unstable on it and it took me about half an hour to get comfortable on it again. The past couple of days I’ve been making it a point to ride each one every day and I’m having no trouble switching back and forth.

The problem is more pronounced when you go from one to another immediately. Most people can relate if they have been rollerskating for awhile, and how funny it feels to walk afterwards. I was riding my Coker with a friend who had a 24" Torker, and he asked me to see if the pedal on it felt bent. I had to go about 50 yds until the muscle memory wore off till I could handle the smaller wheel, but I never have that problem when all I ride is my Coker or 24" Muni for the day. This problem is what makes riding the Schlumpfs difficult for some people as well.

yeah I used to have that problem really bad after not riding my 20" for almost 6 months I could barly get on or ride it but now I don’t really feel the diferance that much. it takes mabey a minute to re adjust.

One thing I noticed is if I got the hang of somthing on my 24’’ it would become alot easyer on the 20’’ like hopping. after being on the muni for a while I could hop about 6-8’’ I found when I went to the 20’’ I could hop 10-12 inches.

Y4ah…I noticed that to… I got my Muni hopping down to a foot or so and not i can seat in hop my trials about 17"!!!