Anyone else ended up under a park bench?

Heh heh, a big UPD I suffered last night. Had to post it to make some of my mates laugh. only a 30sec vid.


At least I didn’t get any major injuries from this one. Looks a bit like I could have damaged my arm in slo-mo.


that was really weird. I still don’t get how you swung under it :astonished:

good for you! :stuck_out_tongue:

that was awesome!

ouch…looked kinda funny though:p

LOL Yeah don’t do that lol.

That was a first class tuck and roll

Should have posted it as a gymnastic move, not an UPD lol

glad that you had the helmet on there. I am thinking that maybe you should keep wearing that. Entertaining stuff.

I’ve been there too, lol! Glad you’re ok. :slight_smile:

Niiiiiiiice!!! Glad you’re not dead!

He held on to the back of the bench with one arm and pivoted around.

I fell off the back of a bench upside down once. I messed up hopping unto it SIF. Ripped my trousers. Still can’t get over it, they were such good trousers.

Sam has an awesome clip of something similar happening to me. I don’t quite remember it but I’m pretty sure I’ve got you beat. I think I swung right underneath it and back out the front.

Totally awesome UPD!

Nice, Strange through I never saw ‘xavier collos’ in that video as your tags might have us believe :wink:

Oops, it’s autocompleted that from another video where I think I used it as a tag. I wish it looked like Mr Collos in my videos but I’ve got a long long long long way to go.

Sorry to mislead, I’ll check back all the other ones now too.

found this and thought I should post

uni bench fall

And I found this…(from about a year or so ago.):o

All my attempts look like that.

I got right back up and tried it again, but I jumped clear over the top on the second attempt, rather than try to land on it again lol!:stuck_out_tongue: