Anyone else 180 and 360 different directions?

Ok, this is kind of wierd but I 180 to the left and I 360 to the right. I have been doing both to the left forever but I found out if I do a blind 360 it is soooo much easier. It is a little inconvienient because I hop to the left but still easier for me. I hold the seat with my right hand if that has anything to do with it.
Does anyone else do this too or am I just weird?

I 180 and 360 to my right and i hold the seat with my left hand… maybe i should try it the other way might be able to do them better

that is a little weird…I still can’t do 360’s, I can do 270’s uncomfortably either direction. do you find blind 180’s easier now too though?

No, thats the weird part. I still feel alot more comfortable with 180s to the left.

maybe its cause on 180s, its all just twisting your legs\hips pretty much, and on 360s you gotta throw your whole body into it :thinking:

dan heaton can almost 360 the the left i think, riding backwards. I can 180 left and right, but only 360 one side and 270 the other.

man your gettin good for a little guy spenc.


I deffinatly feel more comfortable doing (rolling) blind 360’s (left), my 180’s are pretty much the same left and right though… I do my static 360’s to the right…

i started doing 180s counter clockwise then i realized doing it clockwise is much better… soon after that i learned to do 360 clock wise…

i can 180 either way and 360 only to the right.

we are talking bout unispins right?

I was talking about hoptwists…I haven’t tried blind 360 unispins, I can do blind 180 unispins though.

I can 180 both directions…but, for gaps and drops, I like doing it to the left.

I can only 360 to the right.

hey i have a dumb question but what does “blind” mean as in “blind 360 unispins”??? thanks…

Blind means the opposite way that you usually do it. So I normally unispin to the right and if I do it to the left it is called a blind unispin.

i can 180 both ways but i hoptwist 360 to the left… i hold the seat with my right hand.

I can 180 and 360 (hoptwist) the same in all directions…BUT, If I 360 rolling I do it to the left, if I do it static to the right.

Sounds complicated, but I don’t even think about it…