anyone clean snapped a seat off ur seat post while hopping?

i was going for a simple ride along a nice level bush track, hopping over what ever i felt, when i jumped up ,and snapped my seat post, just below where is joins the seat, i should include a pic, but cant, my uni is a Qu-ax 24"
has this ever happened to anyone else? i think it would have, and what should i do for getting a new one? get teh KH aluminium post with rail adapter and fusion saddle or what? maximum quality for minimum cost are my rules:p

thanks in advance

why cant you include a pic

It happens alot, get a CrMo seatpost (not aluminium alloy) for around £10, if you break that in the near future then you may have to consider going more extreme, but I wouldnt yet.

i broke my standard kh post on a lil rolling hop…get a thomson :slight_smile:

Yeah i broke my second kh aluminum seatpost the other day. Really annoying because there are no chro-mo seatposts in stock anywhere. I have bought a temporary aluminum one while i wait for Roger to get some chro-mo ones in (he said about a month).

Is a thompson/rail adaptor setup much heavier than a regular seatpost?


it aint hard to snap a cromo, its easier to snap an alu.
thompson is damn strong, so the extra weight dont count.

I’ve broken three seatposts (KH stock) hopping. I’ve also yanked the screws on the saddle clean out of the casing.

never broken a seat post but i can tell you that you should definately get a thompson/carbon combo for your uni if you dont wanna braek it anymore.

no, but ive snapped my frame will hopping

no, especially if you couple it with a scott wallis cf base

that happened to me… qu-ax 20’’ red hub…
it sucks…
i was jumping over my friend jesus, who was already really brave to volunteer…
and it broke right in my hand…
i have pics of it broke i can post later…
then i did a new seat… aluminum… with the form of qu-ax one… so i used the same leather and foam from the broken one…

jesus is fine… somehow that kid never gets hurt… (o:

I think you’re mistaken, Muzz. The Cromoly posts referred to here are the ones at - not the standard steel ones. Cromoly posts are much stronger.

oh rightm, how could i be mistaken?!
the stronger version that we have not yet recieved in NZ. i still stand by my statement in the fact that i would snap one pretty easy :stuck_out_tongue: