"Anyone Can Ride A Unicycle"

|> o From Miyata
|> # Anyone Can Ride a Unicycle by Jack Halpern
|> For the material it covers this is the best book on
|> unicycling. In particular, book tells how to learn to
|> ride, as well as a variety of beginning and intermediate
|> skills. It also covers practical issues like unicycling
|> attire, adjusting the unicycle, and theory.

Thank you for the kind words. The book is based on what we considered the most
effective ways of learning. John Foss helped a lot with reviewing the manuscript
and by providing excellent photographs. Much credit is also due to Bill
Jenack,the founder of modern unicycling, who has developed most of the
techniques introduced in the book.

|> The book comes with Miyata unicycles, and you can also
|> get it from Jack Halpern while supplies last. The price
|> is $5 for the book and another $5 for airmail. His
|> address is:
|> Jack Halpern 1-3-502 3-Chome Niiza Niiza-shi Saitama
|> 352 JAPAN

Note that though the book is published by Miyata, it is an official IUF

Well, we’re almost out of stock. I’m now checking with Miyata for availability.
We might even reprint if the demand is there, so please send in your orders. I
will be glad to give a discount on quantities.

I want to thank all those who have already sent in their orders, and ask you to
be patient while I check stocks and availability.

As far as payment is concerned, I suggest you simiply send $10 in cash. If you
send a check, it will take months to cash and cost more than $20 in fees! Japan
is, undoubtedly, extremely backwards in terms of banks and finances. Another
possibility is bank transfer, but that’s a hassle.

I do hope this book contributes to promoting unicycling. Hundreds of thousands
of copies of the Japanese version have been printed in Japan, and it come with
every Miyata sold here.

Stay on top,

Jack Halpern, IUF Vice President
>Kanji Dictionary Publishing Society
1-3-502 3-Chome Niiza, Niiza-shi, Saitama 352 JAPAN Voice: +81-048-481-3103 Fax:

Re: “Anyone Can Ride a Unicycle”

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> Unicycle tires wear out rather quickly, since most of the body weight is on
> one wheel.
>So Jack, I’ve been wondering this for quite some time now:
>Where’s the rest of the weight???

It’s distractedly riding on the information superhighway!

John Foss unicycle@aol.com